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Rose and Stone, South London project management firm

Rose and Stone is a London based design, construction and project management firm.

Our design and construction services are available both collectively and separately, depending on each scheme and the client vision.

We provide complete design services including landscape and interior design.

Our numerous teams have vast experience in various areas of the building construction trade.

We undertake residential and commercial new builds, extensions and refurbishments in London, Kent and Surrey.


Our architects, engineers, project managers and builders perform collectively to ensure a compelling project is run with minimum complications.

Moreover we have developed a firm relationship with selected provincial professionals, merchants and sub-contractors. This ensures that the services and materials we secure are of the finest quality at undermost rates.

Whether it is an extension or a large-scale scheme, we take pride in taking the client’s vision through to development, delivering a quality project at the right time and cost.

This is made possible due to the company’s operations being coordinated by a chartered architect with broad construction experience and a fine eye for detail.

Furthermore each member of the company brings a wealth of knowledge from across a number of areas of the built environment. A valuable understanding of both traditional and modern techniques, along with a firm grasp of materials, enables us to provide the client with opportunities to make their concepts a reality.

Rose and Stone are here to make your construction project plans a reality.

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